Welcome to It’s Already Happening

An experimental art work/online event.

Dear Young Classical Musicians
(and all folx who love classical music),

So, what exactly is already happening? 

Long-standing systemic barriers in the classical music industry are getting crushed. Every day. These barriers are created and perpetuated by patriarchal, white, cis het, colonial mindsets and practices. For a long time, people and communities around the world have been calling these practices out, doing work to dismantle them, and also leading through example by doing things in new and better ways. 


Join in on this totally online & free/pyc event!

Meet an absolutely incredible group of people who will share the voice, viewpoints, and lived experiences of Black peoples, Indigenous peoples, people of colour, women, members of the LGBQT+ community, and people with disabilities in and around this sector. And of course, there’s live music from some awesome musicians!

10 Live Sessions & one film screening took place during April & May 2022.

A Live Session was a moment in time where one musician gave a performance, and one speaker got into a topic they are passionate about. Everyone was invited to say and do whatever they wanted, however they wanted. 


No session is alike, and I srsly mean that: there’s a a cameo by an iguana, a song about a deep fryer in a bedroom, and discussion about sound suits. 

There’s also incredibly vulnerable, powerful, and vitally important points made on how this industry needs to change and why. 

Get to know everyone on the BIOS page, or dive right in.   This project is going to disappear at the end of June, so why wait – pick a topic, musician, or speaker that interests you, and watch something now! 

Core Values

A fluid framework of values shapes how this event came to be, is co-created, run, and what will happen when it’s done.  They are iterative and always changing. 

Speakers and Musicians

Get in Touch

This is a fluid event that is shaped and, in many ways, co-created by a community of like-minded people.  You’re invited to join in! Get in touch with with your ideas, thoughts, questions, whatever!



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